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I’m so excited you’re interested in being a part of the FEMAIL Community! I created this space as a way to take the genuine female friendships I had found online with all of you incredible followers & move it offline. Unplug it a bit from the everyday consumption of media.

We’re all “busy’, stressed, running from one thing to the next. Why not give us a space to connect with one another on our lives & empower each other to LIVE them instead of vicariously through others via social feeds. This community is a space that connects you with one fellow LA follower in need of a friend to confide in.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign Up with your $10 donation (below) your $10 sign up fee will be donated 100% to Haven NH.

Step 2: Wait patiently for your FEMAIL survey to come in an email (it should take a minute or so) and answer a few questions about yourself (your favorites, dreams & lifestyle preferences). If the email doesn’t come right away, check your spam folder or email hello@laurenatwood.co

Step 3: Get matched with your FEMAIL bestie, (Lauren matches you up) you’re given each others info & the fun starts!

Step 4: Send each other a letter, small gift, postcard, whatever feels right for you introducing yourself & WHY you wanted to join the FEMAIL Community within one week of finding who your new FEMAIL Community bestie is.

Step 5: Continue the love, follow each other on social, get together if you’re close by, CONNECT!

Please know your WHOLE donation to this little community goes towards an incredible non-profit that helps Women, Men & Children affected by Domestic Violence in my home state of NH. This organization is so close to my heart and I thank each and every one of you for helping me help them.

FEMAIL Community
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