The IBelieve Podcast EP 1

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“If only I looked like…”, “When I lose 10 lbs I can…”, “I’m so ugly…” & the worst of all "I wish I had THAT life."

Welcome to the IBelieve podcast hosted by Lauren Atwood. Week after week Lauren will silence these negative thoughts by sharing with you her guiding principles or things she knows to be T R U E to help you move past self-limiting beliefs & blocks in your life.

In these 10-15 minute minisodes Lauren will empower you to come from a place of love, accept who you are, loosen the hard edges of self-doubt and tap into your ‘I am enough’ mindset. Get ready for some inspiring truth bombs & life-changing real talk that will rock your world.

You ready love? Let’s get to work on owning who you are!

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EP1: I Believe We Need To Take Back The Power

The wretched scale...the hunk of metal that sits on the floor staring at you, taunting you, calling for you to just step on it & ruin your whole day, week, month...I could go on but I'll stop there. In this minisode I share with you why I believe we need to take back the power, what the scale really should be used for & HOW you can switch this mindset to focusing on self L O V E & mindfulness.