Meal Prep 101 (& FREE Meal Prep Planning Template!)

Meal Prep 1
Meal Prep 1

How many times have you come home absolutely STARVING? You open the fridge and there's nothing that looks appealing, so you open the pantry. You go back and forth for a bit until you settle on something that is quick and easy {but might not be the healthiest option}. I know I am 100% guilty of this if I don't plan ahead! This is exactly where meal prep comes in handy - to make your life easier while also helping you stick to your goals.

Meal Prep 2
Meal Prep 2

Make Eating Healthy EASY

Make healthy options the easiest ones to grab! Imagine opening your fridge and there are washed and chopped veggies, hardboiled eggs, or pre-portioned nut butter with fruit ready to go for a snack! Meal prep is especially helpful for those busy weeknights when you get home late and don't have time to cook. If you cook ahead of time, even doubling a recipe and saving the leftovers, healthy weeknight meals become a breeze. {Side note: leftovers are only good in the fridge for 3-4 days!}. If you are a person who hates eating leftovers the next day, stash them in the freezer!

Meal Prep Saves Time and Money

Time and money are both things everyone would like a little more of! With meal prep, you are able to save both and research even backs this up. Think about how much time it takes to drive to a restaurant, wait to be seated or in line to order, and wait for the food to be prepared. Additionally, when you go out to eat there are A LOT of other costs you are paying for besides just food - staff, overhead costs, tips, etc. On the other hand, cooking every single night isn't the most efficient way to prep in the kitchen. Think of how much time you would be able to save if you could have something in the oven, while you're washing and prepping veggies, and while something is cooking on the stove. Make the most of your down time!

Perfection Isn't The Goal

Things don't need to be chopped fancily or spices measured out perfectly! For simplicity and the sake of time, just rough chop or eyeball, always air on the side of less is more with spices, taste test & add more if need be. Focus on only doing what you can to make this as sustainable as possible. Crank up some music, dance around, and ENJOY it babes!

Find What Works for YOU 

Meal prep will look different for everyone. If you only have an hour to spare on the weekends, that's totally okay! It definitely doesn't have to take up an entire day. You are setting yourself up for success even by just washing and prepping a few veggies. Also, consider what meals/snacks you want to prep. Start by brain storming which meals are the most challenging for you to eat healthy - Is it lunch at work? Dinner on busy work nights? Prioritize those meals and start off small by just prepping those few things that will get you through!

Meal Prep 3
Meal Prep 3

To make this as EASY as possible Here is your free PDF for prepping success! Use this guide to plan out your week of healthy meals and snacks. This can be helpful for making a grocery list, using one ingredient in multiple recipes and prioritizing what needs to be prepped.

For more even more meal prep tips and ideas - check out the BL Guide to Simple Meal Prep E-book!