How to Build Your Plate The BL Way


There are sooo many different diets, fads & "meal plans" out there that restrict, cut out or even eliminate food groups from your diet all together. They create stress around picking foods on the "approved food list" that you feel frustrated and inevitably fall off the prescribed "plan". I want to let you know for one, you're NOT ALONE! & 2 give you some insight into the way I structure meals for my clients to see results and reach their goals of weight loss/ healthy eating. I give to you the BL way to build you plate. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all consist of pretty similar food groups for my clients {and myself included, I can't have them eating a certain way & not follow suit right?}

How to Build Your Plate The BL Way

I try to structure breakfast around healthy fats, proteins, greens, fiber/fruit. I have structured this based around the learnings of Kelly Leveque or @Bewellbykelly. All of the takeways from her book Bodylove rocked my nutrition mind and I did some more research on hunger hormones and limiting carb intake and I loved what I saw. Limiting carb intake in the AM cuts out that spike of blood sugar and crash mid morning resulting in you reaching for carby snacks mid morning. I talked a lot about this in the Good Fats blog post.


So Breakfast can either consist of a smoothie, or a meal of those amazing 4 ingredients above.

Breakfast looks something like this...


For a female this would look something like 1 & 1/2 palmfuls of protein, 1 cup of greens, 1/2 cup fruit & 2 tbsp good fats.

A meal example of this would be 3 fried eggs, 1 handful of sautéed spinach, 1/2 banana & 1/4 avocado diced!

Another amazing way to get all of these nutrients in the Am could be through a smoothie which would look something like thing:

1 serving of protein powder

1 tbsp fiber or flax seed/ chia seed

1 tbsp good fat or almond butter/ PB/ Avocado/ coconut oil

1 handful greens or spinach/kale/mixed greens

1/2 cup almond milk to get it all moving

Ice if desired

The goal of a breakfast packed with all these nutrients is to turn off your hunger hormones keeping you full all the way until lunch, no need for a mid morning snack which keeps your blood sugar levels more level, instead of that spike crash we talked about above.

Lunch looks something like this


Lunch is also based around the good fats, protein & greens/fiber but we add in a bit of carbs for satiety.

So this would look like 1 & 1/2 palmfuls of protein, 2 cups of greens, 1/2 cup carbs & 2 tbsp good fats.

This could be in the form of a salad so 2 cups leafy greens {I really say endless amount of leafy greens if it's over 2 cups, have at it, greens are good for you!} 1 breast of chicken, 1/2 cup cooked quinoa, some cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper, etc. as toppings & 1/4 of an avocado for good fats! Also great fat in an EVOO & balsamic dressing.

Dinner looks pretty similar


The only thing a little different is we cut out the good fats. 2 servings a day is enough! This could look like something along the lines of 1 1/2 palmfuls of Mahi Mahi, 1/2 cup roasted brussel sprouts & 1/2 cup lemon quinoa.

Pretty simple ways to build your plate you just need to find foods within each group that you love and want to incorporate into your daily meals!

The number one thing I try to tell clients in order for them to work up to eating like this each and every day is START SMALL. Try only changing up your breakfasts each morning. Try starting your morning with a protein, fats, fiber, greens/ fruit breakfast or smoothie and go from there!

I hope this helped some of you who are struggling with portion sizes, fad diets or yo-yoing. Please let me know if you need any more help building your plate or someone to hold you accountable, I am always taking new one-on-one nutrition clients! For more info contact me here <3